Social Media Marketing

Amazed by the success of some Brands??
Social Media Marketing is the new mantra:
This week’s seminar on ‘Social Media Marketing’ gave insights on the same

Watch the full Webinar by Mr. Vivek Bhargava


Q:How should we charge as a social media agency? As a % of managed spend or on cost per lead basic?

Charging in social media is a very difficult thing to decide upon, but I particularly don’t agree with the options you mentioned, because a lot of things you see in social media are free of cost. To decide on the cost one should estimate the effort put on by the agency, be it in terms of manners, quality of resources to be allocated, other apps and development by the agency to decide on the cost. This is a much easier and transparent way to come up with the cost.


Q:Is it advisable to have an on page & off page approach in (Search    Engine Optimization) SEO simultaneously?

It is essential to have an on page and off page approach. There are some 200 factors used in rating the website which can be clubbed in 4 key areas: architecture of the website, content, authority, & engagement the website creates. Among them Authority is an off page approach and other being an on page approach. This page ranking is what differentiated google from other search engines where what people think is more important than what you think about yourself.

Q:What are the big don’ts in social media marketing?

One of the big don’ts I suggest is, never tell or company that social media is free, it can be as expensive as any other marketing technique. Social media requires a lot of content production and resource engagements from the organization. Secondly never consider social media for costumer acquisition. Its role should be engagement and brand building and awareness.



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