Should I start my own venture or take up a job?- After Graduation

This week’s panel discussion almost answered all the doubts, our young graduates are haunted by… In an interactive session we saw Mr. Mukund Mohan encouraging youths to take a plunge and go for it, yes for their own venture. On the other hand Dr. Pallab Bandyopadhyay had other views whereas Mr. K. Srikrishna played the coordinator and asked them questions to bring out a more clear picture.

In quick, we tried to summarize what each one of them had to say…..

Mr. Mukund Mohan supported his argument in following points-

#1. Young graduated at this age have nothing to lose, no family responsibilities and most carefree time of their career. Moreover they are not encumbered by their previous professional experiences.

#2. He feels the best possible way to learn something is by doing it rather than by reading about it or learning from other’s experiences.

#3. Even if you fail in your venture what probably could be the worst you can lose, moreover the experience which you would gain by working in your own start-up can later help you with getting hired in any of the good companies.

#4. He concluded by encouraging people to set high goals and just go for it.

Dr. Pallab Bandyopadhyay on the other hand shared his lifelong experience and his views were-

#1. Enterprise is all about managing people, and our education system does not teach graduates to manage people.

#2. To learn to manage people you need to work in an organization first and learn the art of managing people.

#3. In spite of favorable ecosystem prevailing in the country, it is not an easy task to set up an organization, various rules and regulations to be followed, all the various areas related to finance, logistics etc. are to be handled which is not an easy task to do without prior experience.

The discussion was followed by QnA which can be accessed through our video….



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