Of Social Media and Acquiring the Elusive Customer

Summary of Q&A Session of  WEBINAR with Pradeep Chopra, CEO Digital Vidya.

With classes and masses alike aggressively taking to social media, businesses have not stayed too far behind. The age-old “formal” approach by businesses has now been replaced by their “cool” avatars on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter among others. Why is it that companies across the globe have totally revamped their marketing strategies owing to this phenomenon? Why and how has social media grown to impact the need and choice of the consumer- This was the topic of our extremely engaging WEBINAR with Pradeep Chopra, CEO Digital Vidya.  Pradeep illustrated remarkable examples of how entrepreneurs have based their business ideas on the idea of using social media to go about getting their customers to subscribe to their products and services. Here are some of the queries he answered at the end of the enlightening session:

Q: How to prevent negative publicity on Twitter?

A: Many think social media encourages people to talk negative about a brand. Fact is, people will talk anyway, whether or not your brand is on a social media platform. The good part of being on it is you can monitor the ill-talk about your company and prevent much damage. You can also turn a satisfied customer into a brand ambassador. Be present and keep listening.

Q: How can a B2B company target clients on social media? How are Business companies different from individual customers? Which media is good for B2B – FB, Linkedin or Twitter?

A: FB works for B2B, although LinkedIn is much better. We have made great business deals through LinkedIn. You may participate in groups to do lead generation. You can also invest in LinkedIn ads. Twitter can also be a good lead generator, as is Slideshare. Visit socialmediab2b.com for more!

Q: Klout is a highly talked about app, could you share titbits on it? Any alternatives?

A: Klout measures how influenced someone is on twitter. The higher the klout score, the greater your influence is. If someone has a klout score>60, he/she is a great influencer! PeerIndex is a good alternative.

Watch the Webinar by Pradeep Chopra

Download complete transcript of Q&A Session


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