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Summary of Q&A session with Manoj Shah, COO PlugHR

As a young entrepreneur, you want to learn how to hire employee and retain talent in a start-up; the challenges that one faces in the field of man power management.

Mnoj Shah, COO PlugHR told us just that in last week’s E Club WEBINAR. Here are som questions from the elaborate Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

Watch the full Webinar by Manoj Shah

Download complete transcript of Q&A Session

Q: The firm I am working now is a 60 year old organisation; the commitment of the people who began the organisation was not transferred to the followers. There is a lack of motivation and improper communication between each and every department. How to handle it?

A: When an Organization grows and with every next generation, philosophy, thought pattern and behaviour changes. Change in management is a slow process and it took 10 to 12 years for companies as big as TATA to change its outlook towards a more customer friendly attitude. A proper managerial supervision is required for all the departments to work in coordination. A lot depends on the working culture of the organization.

Q: Our Company is 8 years old. Attrition rate is very high. After doing exit interviews also, we are not able to find the root cause.

A: Attrition level depends on industry, 20% attrition in IT is normal. It is very Industry specific. Few reasons are Security Issues, Financial, Emotional and Uncomfortable working conditions. There is a saying which goes like ‘Employees don’t leave organizations but Managers’ there is a chance of lack of supervision from managers which can be taken into account.

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