Basics of Intellectual property rights and its relevance in Business!!

Caught up with Apple vs. Samsung Patent Infringement case. Violation of Intellectual Property Rights is not new and many of us knowingly or unknowingly violate IPRs.In this week’s webinar Mr. Praveer Gupta, Founder and CEO of RippleIP Services elaborated about IPR and answered to all the queries..Here is an Abstract of QnA session with him.

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Q: So, can e-commerce ideas patentable? If it’s catering to a niche segment, can i prevent others from targeting the same niche!

E-commerce ideas are not patentable in India, in U.S. they are. In India Patent Law excludes business methods categorically. But there are ways to file such businesses in India

Q: What is the ballpark cost of filing for a patent in the US? Approximately

There are two costs involved typically while filing the patent. One is the government fees or patent office fees and second is the attorney’s fees or consultant fees. In India patent filing for individuals is Rs 1000 and copyright is Rs 4000. In U.S. for a small entity it is $550, and for big entity it is $1100. In U.S. attorneys charge something $7000-$10000 for drafting one application. In India attorney fees varies from Rs30000 to Rs3lakhs. Prosecution charge is extra.

Q: What is the expiration date of Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights?

Patents have an expiry time of 20 years; trademarks have no expiration time, whereas copyrights have an expiry of 60 years from the death of the creator.

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