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E Club explained in 30 seconds!

What is NEN E Club!

At NEN, we take pleasure in catering to the needs of the entrepreneurial community as best as we can. E Club is one such endeavor in that direction!

E Club is an organisation of young and aspiring entrepreneurs across the country. Through E club, we aim to catalyze growth of up and coming entrepreneurs by way of  mentoring sessions, ‘all-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about’ sessions, start up showcases, seminars, workshops and a plethora of community events to meet the demands of an entrepreneurial mind!

Currently we have strong presence in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Delhi and are looking to spread our reach to Hyderabad, Kolkata and Indore.

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So who are “we”?


E Club Purpose.

  • Build entrepreneurial eco-system and sustain entrepreneurial interest, thereby creating more startups and jobs in India


Connecting you to entrepreneurial resources.

  • Catalyst for entrepreneurial growth through events – webinars, seminars, networking opportunities, workshops, conferences, start-up showcase and other such events.
  • Active volunteer-driven (‘E Club Leaders’) local chapters [NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai; Expanding to Hyderabad, Indore and Kolkata.]
  • 700 to 1000 E Club Members per local chapter


Anybody with interest in entrepreneurship can become an e club member.

  • Right out of college? If you are just out of college and have been involved in NEN activities, this is the right place to join- watch a 2 min video HERE to know why!
  • Already an entrepreneur? If you have started out, but need help in some aspect of your business, this is a right place to join.
  • Successful entrepreneur or An Expert in Some Area? If you want to share your expertise and give back to the entrepreneurial society, this is the place to join 2200+ leading experts
  • Want to volunteer? If you are passionate about entrepreneurship and want to volunteer, consider become an E Club Leader. Drive your E Club and benefit the members, while you derive networking & other benefits


  • Network Meet people from different walks of life, including industry leaders.
  • Learn Get updated on the skills, attitudes, knowledge you need to be successful. Listen to different perspectives.
  • Sustain momentum Building a business is like a marathon race. You can find resources, inspiration and tools /techniques to sustain in your journey.
  • Find mentors, advisors, employees, customers, vendors & partners.
  • Stay connected & receive continuous support.


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