5 Shocking Mistakes of The Worst Networkers!

Summary of Q&A session with Niraj Shah, India Master Franchiser of BNI

Knowing how to interact, mingle and network may be more important to your overall success than you care to give credit.  Networking opens doors, connections and possiblities.

Niraj Shah spoke about everything you need to know about networking in last week’s WEBINAR.  Here are some questions from the elaborate Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

Watch the full Webinar by Niraj Shah

Download complete transcript of Q&A Session


Q: How frequently should we follow up with people we meet, even if we don’t need any help from each other?

When you meet people you categorize them, whom you want to be in touch or meet for a cup of tea and so on. When I go to networking events I look up for people with whom I want to meet further. A lot of people maintain database of their contacts and they follow up a system in which every week they pick up an alphabet and whosoever name comes they contact them and meet them.


Q: What kind of questions is ideal to start building a relationship?

There are very general questions you can start with like ‘Currently what are you most excited    about your business,’ or another can be ‘are you facing any challenges in your business at present?’ Another thing you should look for topics of mutual interests for discussion


Q: If someone is networking, then how to do proper follow up so that we can leverage their talents skills or money for mutual benefits?

Listening very carefully to people and understanding the value they could add to you, as mentioned before if you try to help them with their questions, that’s when you get to know common interests and skills.

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